Anbull 15L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine with 304 Stainless Steel and Digital Timer Heater for Jewelry Watch Coin Glass Circuit Board Dentures Small Parts

Anbull 15L Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine with 304 Stainless Steel and Digital Timer Heater for Jewelry Watch Coin Glass Circuit Board Dentures Small Parts

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Product Description


Anbull Ultrasonic Cleaner



Function and principle:

Mainly through the transducer, the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source is converted into mechanical vibration, and the ultrasonic wave is radiated to the cleaning liquid in the tank through the cleaning tank wall. Due to the ultrasonic radiation, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can maintain vibration under the action of sound waves. Destroy the adsorption of the dirt and the surface of the cleaning part, cause the fatigue damage of the dirt layer and be dismissed, and the vibration of the gas bubble scrubs the solid surface.


The following accessories are also included in the 6.5L/10L/15L/22L/30L Ultrasonic Cleaner: 1× 39.4’’Water Pipe, 1× PTFE, 1× Drainage Filter Iron Sheet, 1× Drainage Outlet Joint, 1× Water Pipe Fixing Iron Ring.(Except for 4.5LUltrasonic Cleaner)

Product Parameter:



Ultrasonic cleaner can deep clean dirt without damaging items, including inaccessible and tiny stains.It can be cleaned with tap water, alcohol, detergent, solvent cleaning agent, etc.The digital LED adjusts the time, saves worry and does not require complicated steps. With the heating function, the cleaning efficiency is higher and the effect is better.Industrial-grade vibrating head ensures a more efficient ultrasonic frequency.

Package Includes:

1× Ultrasonic Cleaner (including body and stainless steel cover)

1× US Power Cord

1× Stainless Steel Basket

1× Instruction Manual

1× 39.4’’Water Pipe


1× Drainage Filter Iron Sheet

1× Drainage Outlet Joint

1× Water Pipe Fixing Iron Ring


Shell material: 304 Stainless steelUltrasonic frequency: 40KHzUltrasonic power:180W/180W/240W/360W/480W/600WTransducer’s quantity (vibrators): 3/3/4/6/8/10 (Ultrasound needs one vibrator for every 60W power)Heating power: 200W/200W/200W/300W/500W/500WCapacity:4.5L/6.5L/10L/15L/22L/30LVoltage: AC100-120VTime control: digital control (0-30 minutes)Temperature control: 0℃-80℃/0℉-176℉Net weight:10.1LB/12LB/16.1LB/ 20.1LB/27.8LB





Filter ball

Can clear small objects & Prevent small cleaning items from being discharged with the water flow when draining.Such as: can clean earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, bearing, screws, etc.

Filter basket

Can clean large objects & Provide enough cleaning spaceSuch as: can clean motor,denture,circuit board,handgun,bike chain,lab utensils, etc.


Every 60W needs a transducer to convert the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration, so as to achieve the cleaning effect. The more transducer, the better the cleaning effect.


Insulated handle

The comfortable handle can assist the operator to easily move the ultrasonic cleaner to any place.The insulated handle is anti-conductive, so that the person holding the insulated handle will not get an electric shock after the metal part contacts the live line. Can protect personal safety.


3D radiator

After the ultrasonic cleaner works for a long time, it will dissipate heat by itself through the 3D radiator to prevent damage to the body due to excessive temperature.


Silicone base feet

The corner posts made of soft silica gel strengthen the friction between the ultrasonic cleaner and the ground and make the fuselage more stable when working.


Drain valve

After use, the waste water can be easily discharged from here, and the operation is simple, saving time and effort. ( !!! Note: 4.5L/1.2 Gal Ultrasonic cleaner do not contain the drain valve, other models are equipped with it.)


Insulated handle


3D radiator


Silicone base feet


Drain valve

304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel

Transducer’s quantity (vibrators)
3 3 4 6 8 10

Ultrasonic power
180W 180W 240W 360W 480W 600W

Heating Power
150W 150W 200W 300W 500W 500W

Tank Size
300×150×100mm/11.8×6×4inch 300×150×150mm/11.8×6×6inch 300×240×150mm/11.8×9.4×6inch 330×300×150mm/13×11.8×6inch 500×300×200mm/19.7×11.8×7.9inch 500×300×200mm/19.7×11.8×7.9inch

Product Dimension
325×180×225mm/12.8×7.1×8.9inch 325×180×280mm/12.8×7.1×11inch 325×265×280mm/12.8×10.4×11inch 328×325×285mm/12.8×12.8×11.2inch 530×325×285mm/20.9×12.8×11.2inch 530×325×325mm/20.9×12.8×12.8inch

Ultrasonic Frequency
40KHz 40KHz 40KHz 40KHz 40KHz 40KHz

Drainage Tap

Cleaning Basket & Spherical filter

1M water pipe and other accessories



Application field and range:

1. Machinery industry: dredge cleaning of mechanical parts, engines, carburetor and auto parts, filters, filter screens, etc. It is especially suitable for the degreasing, degreasing, rust prevention, and dust removal of various parts of railways, train compartment air conditioners, and locomotives. Surface treatment industry: degreasing and rust removal before electroplating, cleaning before ion plating, phosphating treatment, removal of carbon deposits, removal of oxide scale, removal of polishing paste, surface activation treatment of metal workpieces, etc.Instrument and meter industry: high-level cleaning before assembly of precision parts, etc.Electronic industry: the printed circuit board removes rosin, solder spots, high-voltage contacts, etc.Medical industry: cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment, laboratory utensils, dentures, etc.Semiconductor industry: high cleanliness of semiconductor wafers.Watch and jewelry industry: cleaning oil, dust, oxide layer, polishing paste, etc.Chemical and biological industries: laboratory utensils cleaning and descaling.Optical industry: degreasing, sweating and dust removal of optical devices.Textile printing and dyeing industry: cleaning textile spindles, spinnerets, etc.Petrochemical industry: cleaning and dredging of metal filter screens, cleaning of chemical containers, exchangers, etc.Others: liquid defoaming (removing dissolved air) in photosensitive material manufacturing, papermaking, and certain food fields.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 18.2 x 16.5 x 14 inches; 20.1 Pounds
Item model number ‏ : ‎ 030S
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 15, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Anbull

Product Parameters: Ultrasonic parts cleaner power: 360W; Heating power: 300W; Capacity 15L/4Gal; Number of ultrasonic transducers: 6; Net weight: 20.1LB; Temperature setting range: 68℉-176℉, Time setting range: 1 – 30 minutes; Voltage: AC110-120V.
LCD Digital Display: Large digital timer and temperature display for precise wash time and temperature control.
Premium quality: Ultrasonic parts cleaner is made of stainless steel, which does not leak water. Use the ultrasonic vibration treatment method to improve cleaning efficiency.
Easy to Operate: After connecting the power supply, simply set the cleaning time and temperature setting time, then press the switch button, the work indicator will light up and start cleaning.
Widely used: Portable ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, easy to move and store. Suitable for jewelry, laboratory, circuit board, dental equipment, tableware, industrial, and other washing supplies.

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