#cleaner – 11oz Colored Handle and Rim Coffee Mug, Black

#cleaner – 11oz Colored Handle and Rim Coffee Mug, Black

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Our 11oz ceramic magic color changing coffee mug is built from solid premium ceramic and features the printed design shown on the image preview. The only catch is, at room temp the mug looks blank. Add hot liquid and watch the design appear! It’s magic! If it’s a gift or just because, you won’t regret purchasing this.
DURABLE & STRONG – Our rock solid 11 ounce ceramic magic color changing coffee mug is perfect for all sorts of indoor and outdoor drinking activities. The best part is, it’s magic! At room temperature the mug appears to not have anything on it. Add warm liquid and the design reveals itself. It’s amazing!
SAFETY SPECIFICATIONS – Our color changing mugs are a hand wash only item. Do not put this mug in the dishwasher. It is microwave safe. It features a strong construction, smooth finish, and seamless printing with the design shown. It truly is built to look great and last a very long time.
IDEAL TIMES TO USE – Break this out for a party or parties, lounging, hiking, camping, cycling or any other inside or outside activity. You can show it off to your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, secretary or any other family member.
A PERFECT GIFT – Of course this would make a perfect gift for a special person! It’s a great gift for mother’s day, father’s day, graduation, Christmas, groomsmen at a bachelor party, bridal showers or a bachelorette party, weddings, birthdays, valentine’s day, or any other day.

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