Ultrasonic Generator Cleaning Function Ultrasonic Power (900W 40KHZ)

Ultrasonic Generator Cleaning Function Ultrasonic Power (900W 40KHZ)

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1.Power switch: turn on or cut off input power; ON is ON and OFF is off. If the switch is in ON position and the switch-in lamp is on, it indicates that the input power is normal.
2.Power regulator potentiometer: small on the left and large on the right. The power can be controlled by adjusting this potentiometer. This is optional, the general dual-frequency model or the need for 485 communication model, power regulation with adjustment and adjustment-key to complete. You don’t need this accessory.
3.High-frequency output terminal: left is positive, right is negative, can not be reversed. If connected, there may be leakage or no output.
4.PLC remote terminal: this terminal is optional, with two lines of output, only when two lines of the terminal are short-circuited.
5.Power plug and power cord: connect to the power supply through the plug, and supply power to the generator.
6.Fan: air cooling for the internal components of the generator. To ensure the reliability of the components.
7.Product nameplate: representing the main electrical parameters of the machine, frequency, power, input voltage three parameters, note that the use conditions must be the same as the specification identified by this nameplate, otherwise the generator will be damaged. As shown, the machine model is 1500WN 40K with an input voltage of 180-265V.
8.F- / I key: display switch key; can be displayed in the current, frequency, mode, address code four display interface switch; boot default display current.
9.Trigger / stop key: only valid in timing mode. Tap this key to stop the timing while the machine is working, and then press this button to rework.
10.Adjust / adjust-key: on the model without adjusting knob, when the current is displayed, the /-key can adjust the current size; when the address is displayed, the address code value can be adjusted, and when the timing is displayed, the timing time can be adjusted.11.In mode display, three modes can be swith.

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 23, 2019
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ KY HOPE

1.Frequency tracking: in the range of positive and negative 1.5KHz frequency deviation of the transducer, the generator can automatically adapt to the frequency change of the transducer without adjusting the frequency.
2.Current stabilizing ring: The machine is equipped with a loop stabilizing circuit, and the current can be stabilized within the positive and negative 0.1A of the specified parameter, whether under the load or the water temperature and the supply voltage. it is critical for the quality stability of the cleaning product.
3.The circuit is equipped with EMI circuit and uses phase-shift full-bridge technology to adjust power, which can minimize the interference of the generator to the outside world, compared with the traditional thyristor power regulating circuit.
The severe surge current generated by the thyristor circuit when it is turned on around 90 and 270 degrees and the serious conduction and radiation disturbance derived from it can be completely solved. The interference to PLC and other electrical appliances is minimized.

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